3 Essential Factors For Beginners To Consider When Choosing Goal Posts

9 August 2019
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A first-time buyer of goalposts can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of types of sports goalposts in the market. You will find all kinds of goalposts such as plastic goals, aluminium goals, fixed position anti-vandal steel and folding goalposts, among others. The choice of the goalposts will depend on factors such as age group, safety features, cost, size, material and accessories. Here are some fundamental factors for beginners to consider when choosing football goalposts.

1. Safety -- One primary consideration when purchasing football goal posts, be it for children or adults, is safety. Heavy free-standing moveable posts have been known to cause injuries to football players, especially children. Therefore, such goalposts need to be light in weight so that they have minimal impact in case they fall on someone. In this regard, aluminium goalposts fitted with straight and sturdier crossbars have become popular because of their safety value. Steel posts should only be installed in a fixed location, such as a football field. If you are not a handy person, always ensure that you hire an expert to fix football goalposts. Also, manufacturers should provide safety warning, which should remain visible during the lifespan of the goalposts. The notifications should be painted or in the form of a label and should have alerts like 'never climb on goal' or 'never hang on crossbar' and 'always anchor goal.'

2. Strength, Stability and Durability -- Besides, safety, football goalposts should be stable enough to withstand the impact of a high-velocity ball and contact by a player. As such, the manufacturing process of goalposts should ensure that they are reinforced at various points for added strength and stability. Additionally, the material of the goalposts should be durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor weather. Corrosion is the most common cause of goal post deterioration, and thus, buyers should go for high-grade goalposts that are resistant to corrosion. 

3. Portable, Socketed or Free-standing -- There are three main types of football goals, namely potable, socketed and free-standing. Free-standing posts should be anchored by chains, ground pegs or counterweights. Also, you can use weights that are incorporated into the goal frame to secure the posts. Such posts are ideal for synthetic grounds because they do not damage the surface. Furthermore, free-standing goalposts ought to be fitted with roller bars or wheels to be portable. With socketed goals, you will have to install the posts into the ground sockets. The sockets should either be fixed on concrete cubes by a professional installer according to the manufacturer's instructions.