How to Increase the Productivity of Your Water Jet Cutter

17 November 2016
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Water jet cutters are a valuable addition to any fabrication shop. However, special measures should be taken to ensure that maximum productivity is got from these expensive machines. This article discusses some measures that people who have just acquired their first water jet cutter can implement in order to reduce equipment downtime and complete client orders in time.

Select Jewels Carefully

Jewels, such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires are usually placed inside the nozzle of the water jet cutter in order to create the water jet that cuts through the materials placed on the cutting table. Diamonds are the most expensive jewels that can be used in a water-jet cutting machine. However, those diamonds have a very long service life when compared to the more affordable jewels, such as rubies. Using diamonds will therefore be more beneficial to you because you will not lose productive time frequently as you replace worn jewels.

Maintain Abrasive Integrity

Contaminants within the abrasives mixed into the water jet can also cause the water jet cutter to break down frequently. Several measures can be taken to protect the abrasives from contamination. First, use clean knives when cutting abrasive containers. This will prevent particles from the package from detaching and mixing into the abrasive. Secondly, install a screening device in the abrasive bunker so that all foreign materials can be prevented from being sucked into the water jet cutter alongside the abrasives during a cutting operation.

Treat the Water

Water hardness can also contribute towards shortening the service life of different components within the water jet cutter. This is because the dissolved minerals gradually deposit scale within the hoses of the water jet delivery system. That scale mixes with the abrasives, and clogs will start developing as the scale restricts water movement. It is therefore wise to install a treatment system to soften the water so that all dissolved minerals, such as calcium, are removed before they enter the water jet system. This step will ensure that the water jet cutter remains functioning optimally without experiencing any wear caused by hard water. Each water jet cutter has water purity standards that you should keep in mind as you treat the water used by your machine.

Use the suggestions above alongside any other recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your water jet cutter. That attention to downtime reduction will win you loyal customers because you will always complete their orders in time. The profitability of your fabrication shop will also improve.