Why Powder Coating Would Be Ideal For Your Manufacturing Business

19 April 2016
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For most industrial and manufacturing business, finishing products with paint is commonplace. However, painting the surface of various products such as appliances or automobiles does not guarantee that the finish will stay intact. If you would like a permanent alternative, then you should consider powder coating. Powder coating refers to protective as well as decorative finishing that can be applied on any metal surface. It comprises a fine mixture of resin and pigments that are sprayed electrostatically onto the surface that requires finishing. The particles in the powder coating become electrically charged, thus making them adhere better onto the surface. This results in a uniform, aesthetically appealing finish in a myriad of colours. Here are some of the reasons why powder coating would be ideal for your manufacturing business.

Powder coating is a durable finish

One of the reasons why powder coating would be ideal for any manufacturing business is that you can rest assured the finished product will have a significant lifespan. Powder coated finishes are resistant to an array of damages ranging from chipping to fading and cracking. This is unlike paint, which will begin to succumb to wear and tear, especially if it consistently exposed to the elements. Additionally, the colour used in powder coating is durable and will not change over time.

When you opt for powder coating for your manufacturing business, you have the flexibility to create a wide range of finishes such as gloss, satin, iridescent, glitter, hammer tone and even fluorescent. You also have the flexibility of opting for various textures for your finishes such as matte, wrinkled or smooth. This gives you the chance to offer your clients a wide selection to choose from depending on the products being powder coated.

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly finish

A major concern for manufacturing and industrial businesses is how big their impact is on the environment. If you are looking to employ cleaner manufacturing processes in your business, then powder coating finishes would be right up your alley. Conventional paint and other liquids used for finishes tend to contain volatile organic compounds. These volatile organic compounds are released into the atmosphere and pollute the environment.

Powder coating offers your business an eco-friendly method of finishing products as it contains negligible amounts volatile organic compounds. Therefore, not only does your business reduce its carbon footprint, but you also do not need to invest in expensive equipment used for pollution control.