Three Considerations to Make When Choosing a Metal-Casting Process

3 October 2018
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Two of the most common methods of creating designs out of bronze are investment casting and die casting. Investment casting involves the creation of a wax pattern on a ceramic container. The wax is melted and the resulting structure used to create designs. On the other hand, die casting involves forcing pressurised, high-temperature metals into a die cavity. When the metal cools down, it takes the shape of the die cavity. Read More 

Aluminium Anodising: Tips to Improve the Quality of the Finish

2 April 2018
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When working with aluminium metal, anodising it is an essential step when finishing the surface. It improves the corrosion resistance properties of the metal, and as a result, your finished product can last for decades even when exposed to moisture and corrosives. Before anodising aluminium, it is critical to remain aware of the factors that can affect the quality of the anodic oxide finish and reduce the durability of the metal. Read More