Turn That Junker Into Cold Hard Cash

23 November 2015
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Who couldn't use a little extra cash? In this economy, any way to get ahead is a viable way. If you have old junker cars or appliances lying around, they may be worth cash in your pocket. There are many ways to turn those pieces of scrap metal into cold hard cash. The key to creating wealth is the ability to look at trash and find treasure. Nowhere is that easier than with old junk that most of us would just throw in the trash. Read More 

4 costly mistakes to avoid in metal fabrication

4 November 2015
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In an industry that needs you to apply practical skills, making mistakes is one of the many ways to learn. It helps you realise the consequences of your actions and prevents you from repeating them. But in some instances, mistakes are a recipe for doom. They can get extremely costly and may also be dangerous. If you work for a metal fabrication business, such as Bronson Sheetmetal Fabrications Pty Ltd, and you want to keep your clients smiling, then here are some mistakes to avoid. Read More 

How a Recognition System Can Boost Your Business

30 September 2015
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Some business owners postpone setting up a recognition system for their employees based on the mistaken belief that such schemes can only be implemented once the finances of the company improve. This article discusses how your business may benefit if you instituted a recognition system. Improved Productivity Employees are likely to be more productive when they know that they will be recognized for outstanding performance. For instance, trophies awarded to the best salespeople each year may motivate your sales personnel to be highly productive as each one hopes to be the winner of that trophy. Read More 

Flying High and Proud: Four Essential Tips for Preserving the Life of Your Flag

16 September 2015
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With the right techniques, you can easily extend the life of your flag. Whether you are flying the Australian national flag, the Aboriginal flag, your state or territory flag, or something completely different, there are ways to preserve and protect it. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 1. Make sure the flag flies without obstruction. Whether you are hanging your flag on your house or on a flagpole, you need to make sure it can fly free of obstructions. Read More 

The Benefits of Using Laser Cutting for Metal Fabrication

30 July 2015
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If you're looking to invest in machinery for metal cutting and fabrication in your own shop, it's good to understand the different types of cutting processes available to you. Laser cutting offers many advantages over machine punching and pressing, and many metal shops today are investing in laser cutters. Note a few of the benefits they offer over any other type of cutting and why you might consider laser cutting services for your metal cutting and fabrication needs: Read More